Lumber Body for Single Axle Trucks

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Kois Brothers Lumbers Bodies - the "Original" have set the standard in quality and design for many years.

  • All Structural Steel Frame Construction
  • Kneebraced Headboard, Radius Top Rail & Full Width Pegged Window
  • Stationary Frame Mounted Headboard With Hardware Storage
  • Also Available With Body Mounted Headboard
  • 96" or 102" Body Width
  • Center Tie Down Pockets
  • Flooring Options Smooth or Treadplate Steel, Apitong Hard Wood, Plastic Lumber, Rumber,  Trex, or Pine Tongue and Groove
  • Stationary or Sliding Ratchet Winches
  • Tie Down Rails or Hooks
  • Underbody Toolboxes
  • Tire Chain Holders
  • Access Ladders
  • Fork Lift Mounting Installation
  • Hydraulic Hoist Sized to Application
  • Custom Options Available To Meet Requirements